What’s Happening?

GrayScale at NEFFA April 12-14

If you’re going to be at NEFFA in April, keep an eye out for Gray, Cindy, Chris and Ron hanging in jams and playing and dancing our hearts out. The band isn’t on the official schedule this year, but we’ll be meeting up to help lead a dance tunes jam (tunes popular in Western PA and WV) at 10am Saturday morning, and Ron will be calling the Square Dance Blast of (mostly) challenging original squares on Sunday at 1. Come play and dance with us either in the workshops or in a hall jam somewhere along the way. If you see the pigs, you’ll know you’re in the right place 🙂

In case you missed the Art All Night Benefit Square Dance

We knew you would all be sad about missing the square dance on February 26 and we didn’t want you to miss out. So we made you some videos! It’s not quite as good as being there, but we thought it was pretty fun. Enjoy!

GrayScale ContraBand with Ron Buchanan at the
Art All Night Benefit Square Dance 1/26/19

GrayScale at the Art All Night Square Dance, Saturday Jan 26 at 7:30p

Come on out and dance to the driving tunes of GrayScale! We’re helping to raise funds for Pittsburgh’s annual “Art All Night” event, and to do it we’ll be teaming up with squares caller extraordinaire Ron Buchanan. No experience necessary, and there will be lots of fun people dressed in ordinary comfortable clothing waiting for Ron to tell them what to do when the music starts. If you can walk, you can dance, and we promise we’ll make it fun.

Dancing starts at 7:30p at the Shiloh Center, 3832 Mintwood St, Pittsburgh, PA 15201. Hope to see you there!

The Journey Begins

Our first venture into the real world was last July when we entered the NeoTraditional Band competition at the Appalachian String Band Festival, also known as Clifftop. It’s kind of a crazy competition, but we figured it would be fun to play our one tune and get a little stage experience. Surprise! At the end of the first round, our number was called to play off a tie for 5th place. So we did, and made it into the final. Here are the videos taken by our fans in the audience. Enjoy!

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