GrayScale is a contradance band based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (the one with an “h” on the end). We were just jam buddies who started to hear tunes a bit differently from the rest of the band and decided to explore what it might be like if we actually practiced together and tried out some of our creative ideas. It didn’t take long to realize that we were having a lot of fun, and when we entered the Neo-Traditional Band Competition at Clifftop (with a little help from Nate Sabat of Mile Twelve who just happened to be passing by when we needed a bass player) and made the final, we knew we had something good going.

So now we’re out playing for dances because it’s more fun to share our music than to just play in our living rooms. We’ll be working on our singing too — we all like to sing so it seems like a good thing to add to our repertoire.

Check out our blog to see where you can find us and our videos and recordings. If you like what you hear, contact us for more information and bookings.

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